About me


I'm Timo, hailing from a village nestled outside the bustling city of Nuremberg, Germany—a place I proudly call home.

In my role as a freelance aviation and travel photographer/journalist, I have the privilege of collaborating with some of the most renowned aviation magazines globally. My role involves crafting narratives covering a broad spectrum of topics, including airlines, airports, military aviation, and specialized aviation missions. Furthermore, I am privileged to represent Sigma Germany as a Sigma Reference-Photographer, where I get to highlight the exceptional quality of Sigma's lenses.

My journey has taken me across the globe, traversing over one hundred countries and exploring upwards of three-hundred airports spanning every continent. Throughout my journey, I've been incredibly fortunate to capture the sheer beauty of our world through the lens of my camera. You can browse through a selection of these captivating images on my website, with many more yet to be unveiled.

I hope you will enjoy!