About me

Timo Breidenstein

Hi! I'm Timo. I am from a sleepy little village outside of Nuernberg Germany, my life-long home. As a passionate planespotter and travel photographer, I thrive on every opportunity to travel the world and immerse myself in new destinations and new cultures. So far, I have visited more than sixty countries and travelled to more than one-hundred-fifty airports, on every continent except Antarctica. During my travels I have recorded some of the beauty of our world, with photography as my medium. You'll find many of these photos on my website, and even more to come...

I hope you will enjoy!



Contact / Impressum

For all requests concerning copyrights and usage of my photographs, please contact: info@tbphotography.de

Bitte wenden Sie sich für Fragen bezüglich der Nutzung meiner Fotos an folgende E-Mail Adresse: info@tbphotography.de

Name: Timo Breidenstein
Street: Bergstrasse 8
City: 90613 Grosshabersdorf - Germany
E-mail: info@tbphotography.de